Cyprus Investment Programme

The Cyprus Investment Programme will be suspended after the 1st November 2020.

Paphos has become the focus attraction for investors and entrepreneurs, mainly from Europe, but also from other nationals. The cosmopolitan city of Paphos with its enchanting surrounding regions is considered to be the safest region on the island. Paphos also continues to be recognised as the finest choice when purchasing property on the Island.

    Programme Terms:

    Cyprus Investment Programme enables you and your dependants to live, study and work anywhere in the European Union.

    • A minimum investment of €2 million + applicable VAT (if any)
    • The minimum investment must include one property classed as a permanent residency at the value of at least €500,000 + applicable VAT (if any)
    • This can be a single residential property or combined with other residential or commercial properties
    • The investment must be retained for a 5 year period (excluding permanent residential property at the value of €500,000).
    • The 5 year period commences from the date of issue of the applicants naturalisation certificate. 
    • Compulsory donation of €200,000 must be made to the certified foundation(s) and organisation(s) of the Republic and Cyprus.
    • The applicant and his/her family members should not be included in high-risk categories which includes:
    • Persons whose assets have been frozen within the boundaries of the EU
    • Politically exposed persons (PEPs) which hold political positions or those who have been holding a political position in the last 12 months prior to the application. (This is provided that they did not occupy significant political positions such as but no limited to; heads of states or governments, ministers or their deputies, ambassadors, mayors of cities, etc.)
    • Persons who have been sentenced for a serious offence or whom are subject to criminal investigation as specified in the Regulation
    • Persons being sought across Europe by EUROPOL or internationally by INTERPOL.
    • Additionally, a valid police clearance certificate is required, which must be less than six months old.


    An approximate 6 month simple and straightforward process 


    No physical residence required, however a valid Schengen visa is required for the submission of the application


    No language requirements


    Dual citizenship is permitted 


    The right to own freehold land in any European country 


    Citizenship is granted to the applicant, his/her spouse, all financial dependents, including students up to the age of 28.

    The family members of the applicant are able to submit their citizenship application at the same time as the main applicant, or at a later stage if they so wish. 


    The parents and the parents in law of the applicant can be included in the application provided they are too owners of a residential property in Cyprus at the value of € 500,000. 


    Unrestricted right to live, work and study in all EU countries including Iceland, Switzerland and Norway

    Request a Consultation

    We are ready to offer expert advice and support during these unprecedented times. The Island blue team is committed to offering the support required to fast-track your citizenship application and processing.

    The Cyprus Investment Programme will be suspended after the 1st November 2020.
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